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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Today's diesel engines have many sensors which are controlled by the vehicles ECU.  These signals are processed many thousands of times in one second to maintain that the vehicle is running at its optimum efficiency, and keeping the emissions and economy at acceptable levels.

The tuning module "piggy backs" the connection between the fuel system and the ECU, this allows us to control the way fuel is delivered at all points in the duty cycle.

We can deliver more fuel intelligently WHEN its needed in the RPM range to achieve higher BHP and particularly torque output allowing for faster accelleration and better pulling power.

This additional increase in torque lowers the usable "power band" which means that you can change up sooner, or stay in higher gears for much longer before you have to change down (it applies to automatics too) 


Why not watch a video on what Ex-TopGear presenter Quentin Wilson has to say about the use of plug-in diesel chip tuning technology products:



So why don't the manufactures do this ?

Manufacturers dont do this because of the strict emissions regulations and tax bands, altitude (affects oxygen levels), temperature, fuel quality etc etc. They build the lowest number of varients which suit all worldwide markets, by doing this they compromise performance and economy

You may have wondered why a manufacturer can have the same engine in different models but they can have different power outputs, this is not due to the engine mechanics as they are mostly built to the same standard, but its down to the software installed into the ECU which governs the engines output.

European models are particularly suited to tuning as we have a good standard of fuel quality and sub 40deg C ambient temperatures so have plenty of unused capacity within the duty cycle. 


How easy is it to fit?

Most installations can be done your-self within 15-30mins, no special tools, soldering  or wire cutting is involved. At most you may need a socket set to remove any screws holding the plastic engine cover on, but that's it. It's the ideal DIY project!

We provide a comprehensive installation guide taking you through the whole process

Will it harm my engine? 

No, our product sits behind all the engines safety features, which remain active and in control at all times.  It is not possible to damage your engine if the product is installed correctly.

Will I really notice the difference?

Absolutely, you won't have to ask yourself "Is it working?"


Can I adjust the power setting?

Yes, our units are fully adjustable. We also pre-set all units prior to shipping so in most cases it's plug and go


How does increasing the engines power improve fuel economy?

Our unit provides more torque through the engine particularly in the low to mid range. This enables the driver to change up to higher gears sooner in the rev range, and use for much longer before changing down

This allows the overall journey to be done with lower average revs than usual, and so fuel burnt


Will this fit my DTI / TDDI / DI / TDI / SDI / TD5/P38 model?

No, sorry this unit will only work on turbo assisted modern "common rail" diesel engined models


I don't have a PayPal account, and want to pay by Credit Card, can I still order?

Yes! Part of the PayPal payment screen allows you to pay without signing up, using this you can pay with any major credit or debit card.




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