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pro bitz
"Hi I am from South Africa I purchased a pro bitz chip on the 30/08/2013 it took me a half an hour to install. I did a road test and saw figures that I have never seen on my dash board. Before I use to get 11.7 L / 100 Km urban and now 9.8 L /100 km . I took undertook a long trip of 600 Km and averaged 7.5 L / 100 Km extra urban with my mercedes benz vito 116 2.2 L which by the way weighs 3 tons and has a 75 L fuel tank. I also installed a pedal box which works well with the chip. Guys those of you who has a vito turn up the power adjusting screw 7 turns and enjoy the urban and extra urban consumption. ThX for a great product pro bitzzzzzz!!!!!"
Oct 02 2013, 19:25 PM by Shahid Beckett

Chalk and Cheese
"I have owned this Pro Bitz chip for my Puma 2.2 Defender 90 for about a year now and didn't think much of it till last week. The dealer asked me to unplug the chip it for 200 kilometers to lift a session off the computer to send to Land Rover for an issue I was having with a permanent brake switch fault warning. I immediately noticed after unplugging that I had to rev the engine 500 RPM's higher before I could shift at an equivalent comfort level and the turbo lag was obvious! I couldn't pull away in 3rd gear like I'm used to and have good acceleration coming out of it. I usually rev the engine to 2250 RPM's with the chip in and shift up to the next gear. I just went back to the dealer to have the session saved to send it to Land Rover but found the culprit. "brake switch" for my RPM hold issue I was experiencing. Now with the pro Bitz chip reconnected I really can appreciate the difference it makes. Like Chalk and Cheese. Well done Guys!"
Sep 04 2013, 05:53 AM by Aussicanuck

Excellent Chip
"I got one for my Jeep in 2010. It is superb. I actually had to turn the power down. The power difference is quite amazing and I now get over 400 miles to a tank of diesel compared to less than 350 without it. I took it off for a while and was gobsmacked at how lacklustre the engine felt without the chip. Putting it on again the power and economy was back. I am now getting one for my wife's Audi. Fitting it took less than ten minutes and was very easy. I would definitely recommend ProBitz."
Jun 13 2013, 16:23 PM by JeffR

I'm Thrilled
"Hi I fitted the Pro-Bitz to my 2009 Nissan Note diesel 1.5 TD last month. I am really pleased with the improvement in performance The Note did struggle with acceleration pick up when moving away from stationary. The Pro-Bitz has removed the nasty flat spot in acceleration. As a result the car feels so much better to drive with a more responsive engine. I'm thrilled. Garry Knox "
Jun 06 2013, 20:45 PM by Garry Knox

Comment: Chrysler 300C 3.0 V6 CRD
"Dear Andrew, Finally! The installation is the same with the C320 Merc, power gain, smoothness is across the low power revs, what amazes me is the fuel Economy that I never experienced before, now I can do 7.8litres to 100km! Thanks Pro Bitz!"
May 28 2013, 16:04 PM by Nick

Freelander td4 Chip
"Just finished fitting the Pro-bitz chip on my 2004 td4, a little trouble with undoing the sensor, but didnt take long, but wow what a difference, like its got a sports mode all of a sudden, cant wait to pull the caravan, wish i bought one earlier, thanks guys......"
May 26 2013, 22:03 PM by Tim

Very low fuel consumption
"Hi, I had the VOLCR95 tuning chip on my previous Volvo V70 DRIVe 1.6L 109 PS (model 2010) and I was very satisfied, especially with the low fuel consumption. During our holiday trip from Sweden to Italy last year did the car take in average only 4.2 litres per 100 km (total distance 5500 km)."
May 26 2013, 14:56 PM by Hans Forsgren

very good chip tuning
"Hi , I buy it and I used for 2 years. I have a motorhome and it works perfect without problems!!! It is the most suitable chip for this engine."
Apr 10 2013, 16:50 PM by GIANNIS

Comment: Hyundai i10 1.1 CRDi
"Hi from Greece Following the instructions, I fitted it and it seems to work fine, acceleration is already smoother than before and it drives well overall. I have now adjusted the unit and created a little video for you showing the 0-100 now :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1gbpGzfmrE "
Mar 09 2013, 13:11 PM by Dimitris Tsintsinis

"For me, it will pay for itself within 10 months. Does exactly what it says on the box. Smoother acceleration. Fuel consumption improved on my usual driving from 33 to 39.5 mpg. It takes about an hour to fit due to the fact you have to remove the intercooler to get the engine cover off to locate the pressure sensor socket in the centre of the fuel rail next to the dip stick. – Would be worth paying somebody else to fit it if you are not mechanically minded. "
Mar 04 2013, 08:57 AM by Richard from Widnes

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