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Comment: Amazing
"Anyone who owns a 109 Vito van should get one of these, easiest thing to fit and adjust and the results are great. My loaded work van is a full gear better up hills and economy is pretty much the same over cosistanly travelled roads. Great product and would recommend to anyone."
Sep 12 2012, 00:19 AM by Jim Hawkins

Comment: 2011 mondeo 163tdci
"Hi, I recently purchased a 2011 Mondeo Tit X 163 tdci, and whilst was impressed with the motorway speed power was severely disappointed with the acceleration off the mark or around town. Serious flat spots at anything below 1500rpm, lag when changing gear all resulting in being pushed along by things such as astra 1.9 tdci's and bog standard passat 140's over short distances. However I recently obtained a Pro Blitz tuning system which took all of 5 minutes to fit using a 8mm socket. It is adjustable using a small screwdriver but without any adjustment a noticable performace increase was noticed. After an hour of driving and adjusting I reached peak performance (any more adjustment caused a flat spot) All this has resulted in a huge torque increase from 1000 rpm and throughout the rev range. 4th gear takes you from 40 - 90 in seconds and it is not shy of achieving in excess of 140mph or pushing the new Octavia VRS until you have to pass it. With all this in mind you may think you loose economy, wrong.... I used to get max 43-45 MPG, now i'm averaging 50-53 MPG as you dont need such a heavy right foot to achieve performance.. Fantastic value for money and as I cover 1000 miles per week the unit has already paid for its self. But one and you wont be disappointed. Rich "
Jun 21 2012, 18:57 PM by Richard

May 10 2012, 11:19 AM by DAVID FRANCHI

"I fitted the chip in around 10 minutes and I am no DIYer! The fuel improvement was phenominal, from averaging 39 mpg I am now getting 50mpg. I tow a caravan and once again fuel consumption went from around 24 mpg to 31 mpg and the difference the chip has made to power and torque made it feel like a different car. The car used to struggle to get up a hill where I live and I had to use 1st gear. It sails up that hill now in 2nd. Everything the ads say is true in fact they are understated as far as my CRV is concerned."
May 07 2012, 19:41 PM by Colin

"Being completely sceptical about engine chips and having surfed the owners' forums for hours on end, I spent weeks deliberating this purchase for my 2005 Kia Sportage XS 2.0 CRDI Automatic and finally took the plunge late on Thursay night. It arrived this morning (Monday) and I fitted it this evening. I'm a complete no-hoper when it comes to cars and engines but, with the help of the downloaded manual, had it fitted in about 30 minutes. I gingerly gunned the ignition and, (there being no bangs or explosions!) ventured out onto the open road. Engine management light extinguished after about 5 minutes and the difference was remarkable. Sluggish, tractor-like performance normally experienced whilst pulling out onto the local bypass had disappeared and it felt like a 'normal' car - no more lag at low rpm and acceleration response was excellent. I felt like I could even overtake something - probably a first in this practical but previously unexciting 4 x 4. I'll have to wait and see whether the fuel economy aspect has improved but will report back in a week or two. Thank you Pro-Bitz."
Apr 16 2012, 19:36 PM by James

thank you
"i live in South Australia and have a mitsubishi 2.5 l300 by the way they are callede triton in Australia was surpised to get delivery so soon fitted it and my turbo lag has disapeared the car itseld feels a lot smoother and the acceleration is great i also notices that will pull away from a standing start in second gear couldnt do that before i am ipressed"
Mar 20 2012, 05:04 AM by Glenn

Comment: Mini Cooper D 1560
"I recently fitted one of these box's to my 2008 Mini cooper D 1560cc, i was a little put off by the heading that "proffesional help may be required", after contacting Andrew and doing my own research(you tube) i decided to have a go. I am glad to say it was fitted in under an hour, it is a little awkward but anyone with a little mechanical knowledge should have no problems at all, a 10mm spanner, torch and a flat blade screwdriver was all that was needed. Initial feedback would indicate that the fuel economy is better by around 10%, it starts to pull as it did before at around 1300rpm but pulls stronger after 2500rpm and all the way through to 5000rpm, there is not a massive slap in the back torque boost just linear smooth acceleration, it has been adjusted 7 turns out from standard, but i did not want to push things yet, i would recommend to any 1.6D owners just to try for £99.00 it's worth a punt."
Mar 19 2012, 20:04 PM by Alan Oswin

Comment: 10 out of 10
"Just fitted the Pro-bits to my freelander td4. Been for a test drive,pulls loads better and sounds quiter and i would recomend Pro-bitz to my friends. Nice1 Phil"
Jan 25 2012, 17:17 PM by P Bird

seat Ibiza 1.2tdi
"Fitted in about 10 minutes and engine started first time. Before fitting the unit the engine did not want to rev in lower gears and the power band was very thin meaning that we needed to change down for hills and fifth gear was not really useable below 50mph. With the unit fitted the engine feels very sweet and smooth and probably runs as VW designed it to run before it was strangled by emissions constraints. Before fitting the unit we were thinking of trading in the car as it was not pleasant to drive, now it's transformed and we will be keeping it. So that's was £100 well spent."
Jan 08 2012, 12:13 PM by Roy

Comment: Ford KA 1.3 TDCi
"It only took me 15 minutes to fit my tuning box, the instructions were very clear and had lots of engine pictures to help locate the correct plug. I then drove the car for around 30 minutes and set the box up with 4 turns anticlockwise to get the extra performance I wanted. I'm sure I could add a turn or two, but I'm happy with it as it is. For the money spent I'm very pleased with the result, the 1.3 TDCi engine is never going to produce big horsepower, but in the KA2 it makes a big difference, not only in performance, but also in smoothness. "
Dec 30 2011, 12:49 PM by Keith Stapleton

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