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shogun 3.2 cr did
"i have just bought a newer shape shogun after 7 old type 2001-2006 models,and have just fitted a pro-bitz box,i did a before and after comparison,befor the box was fitted it was showing 17 mpg towing a 750kg trailer,and about 15 mpg loaded with a car,with the pro-bitz box and with a 4 turn adjustment,it went to 26 mpg unloaded and 21 mpg loaded! the performance was instantly more responsive,even the engine note has changed,its really made a difference! i am so impressed i have just ordered a box for our bmw 530d estate 2004 model,as it is quite thirsty around town,and the box will pay for itself in 2 months! plus bags more performance!...its easy to fit and foolproof! and im a car dealer! that says it all!"
Dec 19 2011, 22:11 PM by halsteadwebcars

Peugeot 207 1.6 110 BHP HDI
"I have just purchased and fitted a Pro- Bitz performance chip on my 57 plate Peugeot 207 1.6 HDI. Ordinarily my car would produce 110 BHP and reach 0-60 in about 11 secs. Since fitting the chip it would be easy to think whilst driving along there is no real change to performance. However when you accelerate there is little or no turbo lag, unlike before. The revs keep going right up beyond 5000 rpm to allow safe overtaking without the engine dying part way through. The power is at 130 BHP which has improved my cars performance. It feels more lively and for just under £100 it is good value. I would recommend fitting one to anyone with a diesel car. Although mine was rather difficult to fit it came with instructions via a PDF document, which were easy to follow."
Oct 29 2011, 13:40 PM by Jason

Comment: Mercedes Vito 109CDI
"i have recently bought the PRO BITZ chip for my 2008 Vito . I was getting around 300 miles for £60 worth of diesel driving across country on 'A' roads and built up areas. The engine has become much smoother with a much better response and i have managed 360 miles this time round. At this rate it will of paid for itself in no time at all. I must admit that initialy i was reluctant after reading reports on these type of units , however i must say i am pleased i purchased one."
Oct 29 2011, 08:55 AM by Dave Banks

Comment: Mercedes C250cdi Blue Efficiency
"Hi! I bought a pro-bitz tuning box for my Mercedes C250cdi Blue Efficiency and i'm happy with this choice! I'm in the earlier experiences, but i notice already improvement. My car has 85 000km and it's from March 2009 (Prime Edition) with manual gearbox. I tested it in a dyno last year and it gaves 480Nm of torque at 1800rpm and 209bhp at 4000rpm of max power. Nevertheless and i wanted to improve the response around 1600rpm to make it linear at low rpm. With the box i achieve that and i feel more power in the middle range of rpm. I only tested the default setup of the box but i'm already happy with pro-bitz box!!!!"
Oct 04 2011, 08:35 AM by Jaime

Comment: BMW E90 325D
"Considering the price of the unit, I have to say I wasn't expecting a huge difference....but I have to say I can see an improvement in second and third gears on acceleration, I also did a regular 90mile journey yesterday and saw an improved mpg... Haven't even played with the settings so I'm over the moon, will see over the next few weeks if I have any issues, but first impressions say this is a good box"
Sep 18 2011, 14:02 PM by Mr C

Nissan X-Trail TDCI
"I have just fitted this to my wife's 04 x-trail and what a difference!!! Comments like "It's like driving a sports car rather than a lorry" etc..abound, the car feels lighter to drive, has much more "low down" torque and is extremely responsive when overtaking etc....We can't wait to try it with the horse box and 2 horses. I can thoroughly recommend this product...and It's only a 10 minute fit, that in itself is a bonus! 5 gold stars."
Sep 17 2011, 16:59 PM by Tom Carson

tuning box
"just to say thanks been using the tuning box for a week know ,it is i cant beleave the pulling power my mondeo diesel as got , it is like driving a new car thanks all at pro bitz top company thanks chris"
Sep 10 2011, 21:42 PM by chris burbanks

Comment: pro bitz
"hi everyone get one of theres i cant beleave what a difference it as made to my mondeo thanks all at pro bitz"
Sep 06 2011, 19:54 PM by chris burbanks

A must have for your car...
"Could be the best £100 i've ever spent, it's a very cost effective way to dramatically improve the performance of your car, and i'm sure the box will pay for itself in time because of the increased economy, you can't lose! I was also impressed by their customer support who where very quick to answer any queries and generally made me feel very confident in purchasing from them as opossed to any of there competitors. I would definetly advise anyone to buy a chip box from Pro-bitz!"
Sep 03 2011, 17:35 PM by Peter James

Its Great...
"OK. So we were off on a 2 week driving holiday to Italy 5 of us with luggage. The R Class may have it critics , but I challenge anyone who can find a more comfortable cruiser that eats up the miles in absolutely 5 star comfort. OK after 2,5 K miles we averaged 34.00 MPG for the entire journey it sometimes peaked up to 35 MPG + .cruising at 80 MPH gave approx 17-1800 RPM That is absolutely excellent for a permanent 4 wheel drive carrying 5 people with their luggage. Well worth the money"
Aug 21 2011, 15:00 PM by Chris Fernando

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