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Pro-Bitz for MB C220CDI
"It worked really well; increased power and acceleration, but best of all it improved my average fuel economy on shorter journeys from 39mpg to 46mpg. IT WORKS!"
Aug 08 2011, 16:25 PM by Anonymous

kia venga crd eco 3
"I ordered the chip on ebay for my wife's Kia Venga 1.4 CRD Eco 3. I fitted a chip on my Kia Ceed CRD 1.6 SW 3 automatic over a year ago (from a different company) & have been very impressed with the increase in accelaration, power & (in particular) economy. I calculate an aproximate 20% increase in fuel economy in my Ceed since I fitted the chip. The car is much nicer to drive with a marked improvement in performance. I average 50 to 55 mpg (from about 40 mpg without the chip) which is quite good for an automatic! When my wife purchased her Kia Vengo 1.4 CRD Eco 3, she was keen to get a chip fitted. However, when I contacted the company that provided the chip for my Ceed they said that because of the Stop/Start technology of the Eco 3 a chip was not available I shopped around & had good communication with "Pro-Bitz" who informed me that they had a suitable chip available, which I immediately bought. The chip arrived a day later & I fitted it in about 2 minutes (Still dressed in my suit) as soon as I arrived home from work! To be fair I had already sneaked a look at where the pressure sensor was on the common rail of the Venga but fitting it really was a doddle ~ even for a complete novice! I did not make any manual adjustments to the chip & merely relied on the factory settings ~ which seem fine. I got my wife to take the car for a little spin & she noticed a considerable immediate improvement in performance. The Stop/Start works fine. There is an obvious improvement in fuel economy (she is getting 55 to 60 mpg) The exact improvement in economy is impossible to estimate until she has covered more miles, she is very pleased indeed so far"
Jul 12 2011, 19:57 PM by chris

performance chip
"Hi everyone! What I can say it's awesome product the car runs smoothly the gear change so soft and easy and quicker.the runs like wild animal.it's exactly what I expected easy to fit. When I found where is pressure sensor in my car it was only 5 minutes to connect and to tie securily.I will strongly recommend this product. And the seller is very helpful helped me to locate pressure sensor in my car ;) excellent communicator!!!!! A big thanks."
Jun 23 2011, 17:46 PM by valentina

Comment: Very happy!!!!!!!!!!
"Bought this unit after sports mode on my auto box 06 freelander diesal packed up,used to switch to sport mode when towing my caravan.As it cost about 3 times the amount of the unit to fix,I thought it worth a try ,but didnt expect it to really make much difference. How wrong was I ???? The downloadable manual was first class ,unit took 15 minutes to fit,fuel consumption is better and power delivery much stronger. Would be happy to buy again. First class product and very good price.Well worth it."
Jun 17 2011, 06:54 AM by paul seymour

Mercedes E320cdi
"I brought this tuning chip two years ago and the car has not missed a beat , passes m.o.ts no problem, goes like stink if you want it to and i have a print out at 65 mph motorway driving returning 48 mpg from 41 prior to fitting chip. Very highly recommended ! Many thanks . Russell"
Jun 13 2011, 17:40 PM by Russell

Kia Sorento 2.5 140bhp auto
"Fitting took 5 mins very easy, Towed 1.5 ton trailer with it fitted straight away, it has transformed the car ! Pulls loads better and smoother through the auto box this is a must for anyone with a sorento. I have also noticed a difference in MPG when towing maybe an extra 3 to the gallon without a trailer on the back it is just as good, through the gears it is loads smoother. a must buy for any sorento owner. It took me a long time to get one i just wish i had done it sooner. My sorento is 2.5 140hp auto 5 speed, "
Apr 26 2011, 14:18 PM by Anonymous

BMW 118D 2005 (122hp)
"I was a bit sceptical about these devices at first, that was until I bought one from Pro-Bitz. I had a 2005 BMW 1 series 118D Sport which came with 122HP, 65K on the clock. After fitting the unit and tuning it up by 3 turns anti-clockwise on the adjuster my car could keep up with colleagues factory standard Audi A3 '170' sport! Timing from an M6 toll both to the big national speed limit signs (north bound) my speed wa 91mph identical to the A3 as extra proof! When cruising around 80mph you can easily achieve better MPG than standard and the engine pulls more smoothy from lower revs and seemed even smoother at higher revs! Highly recommended."
Apr 25 2011, 14:54 PM by Smitty

Range Rover TD6 (L322)
"Fitted the tuning box on Saturday but checked the trip computer before hand and averaging between 24 - 26mpg for mainly local & town driving with the occasional run-out. After fitting the box, noticable performance difference, more responsive low down & between 50-70mph for overtaking, flats spots seemed to be evened out too but the fuel economy was amazing, albeit only fitted for 3 days its jumped to averaging 34.1mpg and the car is not thrashed or driven hard, this will pay for the unit in weeks!"
Apr 11 2011, 13:24 PM by Julian Robinson

"never really been into all this mod stuff,but when i got my astra the power from the 1.9 is amazing.... so i got the box..... plugged it in and it was a complete different car...smoother,quicker,sharper. stuff that would put big smiles on your face. ive turned my box up two full turns on the power screw and its now even better, i drive a long way to work and over a month im saving about £15 which is amazing,, if u aint got one get one!....nuf said"
Dec 04 2010, 20:07 PM by STEVE BRIDGWOOD

Probitz tdi wonder
"I've used a few different piggyback units on various cars, this unit is fully adjustable and extermely well built. I'd recommend anyone try it, you will not be disappointed! Put your foot down and the car surges forward while you're grin gets bigger. Alternatively ride the torque and get more mpg even when manually checked by monitoring fuel bought and miles travelled. I advise turning the unit right up until you hit the ecu light the ease back (say 3 turns).. Excellent"
Sep 07 2010, 20:04 PM by Tony

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