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Range Rover TD6 (L322)
"Fitted the tuning box on Saturday but checked the trip computer before hand and averaging between 24 - 26mpg for mainly local & town driving with the occasional run-out. After fitting the box, noticable performance difference, more responsive low down & between 50-70mph for overtaking, flats spots seemed to be evened out too but the fuel economy was amazing, albeit only fitted for 3 days its jumped to averaging 34.1mpg and the car is not thrashed or driven hard, this will pay for the unit in weeks!"
Apr 11 2011, 13:24 PM by Julian Robinson

"never really been into all this mod stuff,but when i got my astra the power from the 1.9 is amazing.... so i got the box..... plugged it in and it was a complete different car...smoother,quicker,sharper. stuff that would put big smiles on your face. ive turned my box up two full turns on the power screw and its now even better, i drive a long way to work and over a month im saving about £15 which is amazing,, if u aint got one get one!....nuf said"
Dec 04 2010, 20:07 PM by STEVE BRIDGWOOD

Probitz tdi wonder
"I've used a few different piggyback units on various cars, this unit is fully adjustable and extermely well built. I'd recommend anyone try it, you will not be disappointed! Put your foot down and the car surges forward while you're grin gets bigger. Alternatively ride the torque and get more mpg even when manually checked by monitoring fuel bought and miles travelled. I advise turning the unit right up until you hit the ecu light the ease back (say 3 turns).. Excellent"
Sep 07 2010, 20:04 PM by Tony

"I bought this about 10 months ago and it transformed my wee Rio. It certainly gives more power/torque and really makes the car very quick and responsive. Fuel consumption has not really changed for me but I tend use the extra power as it brings a big smile to my face. The best £99 I have spent in tuning parts. I would recommend this to anyone with a Rio diesel."
Aug 29 2010, 17:19 PM by Fazerbill

Rover 75 CDT
"Works just like they said. Instant improvement and quick and easy to fit."
Aug 04 2010, 14:22 PM by Anonymous

"All I can say is first class well worth the money. Support again first class. Buy one and try it for your self."
Jul 04 2010, 09:46 AM by John W

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