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Hyundai Santa Fe CRDi Diesel Tuning Chip

Hyundai Santa Fe CRDi Diesel Tuning Chip

Car Model Data

Engine Size     :  2.0L (1991cc)
Engine Power :  83kW / 113PS

Release the extra power in your Hyundai Santa Fe CRDi with our plug in diesel chip tuning system...

  Pull away easier with up to 30% extra pulling torque
  Faster acceleration and 0-60 times with up to 25% more horsepower
  Transform the feel of your Hyundai Santa Fe CRDi in minutes...Say good-bye to turbo lag!
  Climb hills with ease and make motorway cruising effortless
  Tow caravans and trailers with ease
  Use less fuel - Gain up to 15% extra fuel economy
  Easy DIY "plug and play" installation

     Before        After    
Engine Power   (PS)     113 133
Engine Torque (NM)     255 301
Fuel Economy     +15%

Increased Horsepower

More power across the whole rev range providing on average an extra 25% more BHP

Increased Torque

Transform the performance of your diesel engine with up to 30% more torque, no more struggling to get up hills and pull heavy loads

Increased Economy

By increasing the power in the lower rev range allows the use of higher sooner and for longer meaning you can gain up to 15% extra fuel economy

Reviews / Comments
Great fuel saver
"Fitting this unit on my 2.0 CRDi Santa Fe 4 years ago was easy. It takes a bit of time as you need to remove the intercooler to remove the engine top cover to access the common rail. I have now covered over 42,000 miles with the unit fitted and it performs extremely well even when with 4 adults on board also towing a medium sized caravan. It gave an instant cure for turbo lag and improved average fuel consumption from around 32 MPG to 40+ MPG. On a recent 1,500 touring holiday in Scotland, it returned 42.6mpg with 3 adults a dog and luggage!! Declaring it on my insurance added £10 to the years' premium. "
Feb 18 2016, 00:34 AMby R Cage

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Price: £99.00

Product Code: HYUNCR24

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